Thursday, February 5, 2009

Types of Contests - Continued

Previously I told you about some contests I've taken part in. I went ahead and recalled more of the contests that I've taken part in, they are as follows:
  1. Website Contest
  2. SEO Contest
  3. Computer Trivia Contest
  4. 'Assemble-a-PC' Contest
  5. Maths Kangaroo Contest
  6. Spelling Bee Contest
  7. Spell-a-thon Contest
  8. Debating Contest
These contests are to give you an idea of the types of contest you can take part in, as you can see that most of those contests are related to education, which are the ones I took part in when I was in primary and secondary school. Hence, this suggests that I've been a competitor my whole life and there is (almost) nothing that can stop me from winning more contests, bruhaha!

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